B.A., B.Ed.

Goaltender Development

Baseball Development

Explosive Kids Programmer

Chris Bergman has been coaching goalies for approximately 20 years. Growing up in Manitoba he started his coaching career as a volunteer coach for his local minor hockey system. He went on to be the Head Goalie Instructor of the Gimli Minor Hockey School. While doing this for several years he also consulted and helped several teams in Manitoba. When Chris moved to Alberta, he quickly landed a position with NSD as a lead goalie instructor and moved on to work with DMSG. To date Chris has found himself working beside coaches and goalie coaches of all levels, including; NHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL, Junior, High School, AAA, and Minor Hockey all the while working with goalies at these levels. Chris has worked as an evaluator, video coach, personal coach, technical coach, and strength and conditioning coach to goalies of all ages. These experiences have given Chris a broad understanding of goaltending and what it takes for goaltenders to excel. His passion is to create strong, explosive goalies that understand that the position is not something that can be taken for granted, but something that demands a great work ethic and strong mind.

Chris’s goaltender program is extremely dynamic. It includes on-ice power and technical training, strength and conditioning, mental training, and unique, EXPLOSIVE synthetic ice training.

Chris is also in charge of Explosive Edge baseball training. He has taken the dynamics of positional play and manipulated it into smaller technical skills. He uses our unique training equipment to execute specific movement patterns to make the athlete stronger and more explosive. A major component of his program is swing training for all ages and levels.

Explosive Kids is also a department that Chris plays a heavy role in. He has designed fantastic kids programs such as Intro to Sports, Pre-Skating, Level 1 Skating, and Intro to Hockey for ages 2+. Chris is also in charge of our Intro to T-ball and Blast Ball programs for ages 2+. His background in education allows him to work amazingly with young children and differentiate for their needs while keeping them engaged and having fun.

Chris Bergman