(2-4 year olds and 5+)

Give your child the opportunity to build confidence and experience success from their first skate!  Our Pre-Skate program (parented for 2-4yo and unparented for 5+) is designed to teach kids the basic skills to start skating in a fun, safe and caring environment. Our coach to student ration is 1:6.  We will go through transitional skill development through tactical games and activities so that the skaters will have the strength and technique to be confident skaters. We will be going over proper stance (fundamental for all skating), movement in skates (muscle memory),  fall/recovery techniques, and balance and coordination.  We also will work on ankle and lower body functional strength through tactical games and obstacle courses.

We offer a very unique program using our synthetic ice surface and dryland space. The size of our rink allows for a more engaging setting as it is a miniature size of an official rink, instead of an overwhelming ice surface.  Another unique feature is that because of the resistance of the synthetic ice, skaters can walk and stand with their skates on our surface without having the slipping away feeling.  This reduces the likelihood of falling and getting injured and provides the opportunity to build confidence from the very first step.  Our surface also allows caregivers to be on the ice with their child without having to be on skates themselves. Since the synthetic ice doesn’t require refrigeration, it is nice and warm in our facility so no need for bulky coats or Winter wear! Starting on synthetic ice makes their first experience way more positive!

Required Equipment:

  • CSA approved helmet with face mask
  • Proper fitting sharpened skates (skates should be sharpened prior to each class)
  • Towel to wipe blades after class 
  • Padding (wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads).  There are multi-purpose pad sets available at most stores, hockey equipment is not necessary.  We also strongly recommend wearing soft and tight fitting gloves (like magic mittens) to protect fingers from skates
  • Indoor shoes for parents (clean/dry)
  • It is recommended to wear track pants on the synthetic ice so the shavings will not stick.  It is not necessary to wear a coat or any other outerwear on the surface but a long sleeved shirt is encouraged
  • Shirt included