Team Dryland like you’ve never experienced before:
Cost: $150+tx/ 1hr session

Team On-Ice Development

@ your practice: $100+tx

@ Explosive Edge on our Ice:  $235+tx

Specialized sessions –  WE BRING THE EXTRA’S

Goalie On-Ice Development

@ your practice:  $75+tx

@ Explosive Edge on our Ice:  please see goaltending tab above for sessions
Specialized sessions designed for only the goalies. 

Whole Team Experience - both On-Ice programs @ your practice for $175+tx/session

Explosive Edge Team Program Descriptions

DRYLAND $150+tx/session:
Off-ice development you can't find anywhere else. Our combination of Elite Experienced Instruction and Hockey Specific Training Facility are of no match. Our sessions are jam packed with STRENGTH drills, CONDITIONING drills, SKILL drills, and TEAM drills.

STRENGTH - resistance, body weight, appropriate lifting, plyometrics, core, stride strength, shot strength and more!
CONDITIONING - explosive feet, body conditioning for hockey, balance and coordination, mobility and flexibility…
SKILL  - advanced puck handling drills, proper shooting technique and power development, stride mechanics and power development, one-on-one tactics, battling tactics, and more!
TEAM - EXPLOSIVE CUP (competition games), Team building, Character building, and more!

Our on ice products are designed to bring the extras.

PLAYERS $100+tx/session - Power-skating, Edge Control, Advanced Puck Control, Shot Development, Individual and Team Tactics, Body Positioning, etc…
GOALIES $75+tx – Goalie Specific Power Skating, Technical Development, Save Selection and Rebound Control, Puck-Play Strategies and Development,  Game Evaluations with Live Feedback
Combine both for $175+tx/session

Elite Instructors for this program:

Chris Crowell brings over 25 years of experience of teaching hockey development to kids. He started working hockey schools at the age of 15 in Nova Scotia where he grew up playing the game. Chris came to Alberta in 2001 where he played hockey and attended university at Concordia University College in Edmonton, AB. There he received two degrees; in Psychology and Education. While completing his degrees he worked for Edge Hockey Schools as a head instructor for seven years. His focus while working at these summer hockey schools was leading on ice sessions (teaching all skills and aspects of the game) as well as helping develop curriculum to be used at the schools. Through Edge Hockey School Chris has taught alongside some of Hockey’s greatest players in Scott and Rob Neidermayer, Theo Fleury, Craig Simpson and other outstanding hockey minds. Chris also has coaching experience including our very own Airdrie Thunder. He is a certified teacher in Alberta, which helps him specialize as an instructor and speaks volumes towards his dedication to the development of the youth in our community.

Chris Bergman
has been coaching goalies for approximately 25 years. Growing up in Manitoba he started his coaching career as a volunteer coach for his local minor hockey system. He went on to be the Head Goalie Instructor of the Gimli Minor Hockey School. While doing this for several years he also consulted and helped several teams in Manitoba. When Chris moved to Alberta to complete his degree in Education, he quickly landed a position with NSD as a lead goalie instructor and moved on to work with DMSG. To date Chris has found himself working beside coaches and goalie coaches of all levels, including; NHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL, Junior, High School, AAA, and Minor Hockey all the while working with goalies at these levels. Chris has worked as an evaluator, video coach, personal coach, technical coach, and strength and conditioning coach to goalies of all ages. These experiences have given Chris a broad understanding of goaltending and what it takes for goaltenders to excel.  He is a certified teacher in Alberta and has dedicated his life to understanding the development of children, which supports his passion to create a facility and programs to support proper sport development for a variety of sports. 

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